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B2B stands for Business to Business. B2B e-commerce is the most cost effective way for sellers to reach buyers around the globe. 

B2B Marketplace
A Business to Business (B2B) marketplace is an Internet marketplace where exporters, importers, traders, traders, brokers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and other business communities from around the world meet for buying and selling. From meeting the customer to fixing the deals along with the payment is held online with no physical interaction. This is the biggest advantage of a B2B marketplace. So a B2B marketplace is a place where B2B trade is carried on. Visit our Home page to have a look at such a marketplace.

B2B trade
B2B trade includes posting an offer (trade offer) by company to find buyers for their products. This trade offer includes the details of products that a company is offering and is posted. Then an interested buyer replies to this offer and the online B2B trade is completed with payment from the buyer and delivery of the product from the selling company.

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B2B Auctions
This is done in the same way as Trade Offers companies post their products to sell them through an Online Auction. Interested buyers place their bids for the product. When the bidding time closes, the buyer with highest bid gets the deal and the Online B2B Auction is completed with the payment from the buyer and the delivery of the product from the company.

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Take advantage of our services by posting your products in our Online Auctions, Trade Leads, Online Showrooms, Online Company Directories, Online Trade Sites and many other tools to reach new buyers and sellers. You can easily promote your business here at no cost.

No matter where you want to trade in the world, the internet can take you there. Join and discover the excitement of B2B e-commerce. It is so simple that just one click can do wonders for business!


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