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What is Trusted Trader?
Trusted Trader Service allows your company to be verified and authenticated as a genuine company conducting online.
The verification process includes company registration, company physical address, company key management personnel, phone and all relevant information to authenticate the company existence and online credibility.
Why Trusted Trader?
Simple, the Internet opened an interesting door of opportunities for people all over the world by making it easier and
faster for them to conduct business. With the massive use of the Internet by just anyone, how do you know who is a true supplier or buyer without some sort of verification? The use of the internet is free or extremely cheap that anyone can use it for any purpose. Because this, �Trusted Trader� service become important for anyone who want buyers to his or her company serious.
Why should I apply to become a Trusted Trader?
Buyers will have no hesitation as your company�s existence or capability to deliver when they deal with you.
What can I get for becoming a Trusted Trader?
 Foremost is verification and authentication status which puts your company and products at the front of buyers� priority.
 Trusted Logo is placed in front of your Marketing website, your postings on
 Buyers� Search results priority is given to you making your products first choice of interested buyers.
 Unlimited products displayed on the products or services page of your Marketing Website, unlimited Product Showroom,       Products Gallery and Auction listings.
 Frequently display of your under Featured Catalogs� related to your products industries.
How soon will my account be upgraded to Trusted Trader once I completed the payment process?
It takes anywhere from 72 hours to 7 working days to complete the verification process needed to grant you the
Trusted Trader Status.
How do I upgrade my membership to Trusted Trader membership status?
Please contact us now to start today or simply Upgrade now!
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Payment Concerns and Solutions
1. What currencies can I Pay with?
U.S Currency is our primary currency of International payment,but if you are living in Hong Kong, you can
choose to pay by Hong Kong Dollars,and if you are in Singapore,you can pay by Singapore Dollars,and if in
India,you can pay in INR as well.
2. Can I Pay Credit Card safely?
  Yes, Credit card payment is well secured and protected by (SSL).You can Also pay by PayPal At your own
  Convenience .
3. Can I Make A Payment By Western union Or Moneygram ?
  Yes indeed u can pay by Western Union or Money Gram. Please contact us forPayment details.
4. Can i Pay By wire Transfer(T/T)?
  Yes, we do accept wire transfer into our bank accounts. Please contact us for the details.        
5. Can I Pay By check?
  Yes,if you are living in America or Canada, For the Rest of world, we recommend payment by T/T, payPal, Credit,
  card western union or Money Gram.
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