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Business Nature :
Year of Establishment :
Number of Employees :
11 to 50 employees
Annual Turnover :
US$ 1 Million - US$ 2.5 Million
Region : -
Country : -
More Details
Company Profile :
dear sir/madam. after viewing your advertised products i wish to introduce our company to you as we would require placing an order with your establishment. we are shipwell consultant corporation pte. ltd. a togolese based importer and genuine company and also government licensed buying agent and bulk distributors of all kinds of products, we have gained a high reputation in the services of our customers from different parts of the country.
Keywords related to this Company :     we have gone through your catalogues you put up on adverts please we would like to see more samples of different products along side your company’s supply policies - therefore - without wasting much time - kindly give us with agro product quotation based on your current offers like terms and conditions - method of receiving payments - prices list on urgently via
Type of Category to this Company :     Agriculture
Type of Business to this Company :     Importer Agents
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