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Expiring: 27/Sep/2014
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Expiring: 27/Sep/2014
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1. capacitor cbb20
Model: CL20CBB20 (METMEA) Character: CL20 CBB20 are non-inductively wound with metallized polyester film as dielectricelectrode and copper-clad steel leads and outer wrapping polyester end sealed with epoxy resin Wide capacitance range,small size long life due to self-healing effect Purpose: Suitable for blocking ,-pass and coupling DC and signals to VHF rangeWidely used in filter ,noise supp...
Starting Bid: $0 Bid To Win: $1 Views: 192 Closing: 30/Nov/2014
2. 7 digital oto frame
oto: 9 pictures, slideshow, 12 oto presention, oto rotion, oto size adjustment: 16:9 2) oto form: JPG 3) Video: MP4 DivX, AVI VOB, MPG1,3 4) Audio: MP3, 5) Support media: SD, MMC, MS, USB20*2 interface, hard disk 6) posite video 7) Built-in audio 8) OTG function 9) Voltage: input: 90 to 250V, output: 12V 10) Languages: French, English, German, Spanish , Italian,chinese 11) Solution: ESS 12) R...
Starting Bid: $52 Bid To Win: $53 Views: 57 Closing: 30/Nov/2014
3. Laptop Bteries in UK
laptop btery and laptop btery chargers in high quality
Starting Bid: $1 Bid To Win: $2 Views: 135 Closing: 17/Jul/2015
4. radar detector(YM-R01)
Feures-world-wide Band:X,Ku,K,New K,Super wide Ka- x band:99ghz +- 25mhz(option) 10525ghz +- 25mhz - ku band:1345ghz +- 25mhz - k band:24125ghz +-100mhz 2415ghz +- 100mhz - ka band:347ghz +- 1300mmhz-Laser Detecting:360 degree Laser-Applied Low Noise VCO Technology-Ultra High Sensitivity FET Technology-Undetectable VG-2,SpectreStalca and any existing Radar Deetector ...
Starting Bid: $55 Bid To Win: $56 Views: 159 Closing: 18/Mar/2015
5. WiFi inter radio(YM-W01)
Islion WiFi Inter Radio with FM(YM-W01)10,000 radio stions the touch a button The Wi-Fi inter radio is capable accessing over 99% inter radio stions broadcast anywhere in the world pibility with all three major streaming forms gives the Wi-Fi inter radio unrivalled choice content Londons BBC Radio1 to Sao Pos Radio Calypso! No subscription to pay, no signal coverage problems and no in...
Starting Bid: $90 Bid To Win: $91 Views: 124 Closing: 18/Mar/2015
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